Showing some enthusiasm- W3 # 55

Punam’s prompt guidelines
  • Write an acrostic poem on any one of the following words:
    1. Discipline; 
    2. Enthusiasm;
    3. Meditation; 
    4. Tumult; 
    5. Trouble.


Enter into the fray eagerly

Never give up in any situation

Try and try again if success eludes you

Hold on with both hands, don’t let it slip

Understand the importance of perseverance

Stand tall, stand firm with élan and vigor

Indeed, you have to show them your spirit

Although you may fail many times, don’t give up

Slowly but surely you will attain your goal

Medals won’t adorn your chest but you’ll have that sense of satisfaction


In response to W3 # 55, hosted by David



60 thoughts on “Showing some enthusiasm- W3 # 55

  1. Your verse reminds me of the lovely talent show my grand-daughter’s school put on. I’d send you a link of the song she sang from the musical movie ‘Matilda’ called ‘Naughty’ but I’m not the link would work. But it is on Youtube – the movie version 🙂

    Grandie was up there by herself and belted out the whole song in with an English accent to boot.
    All of the talent from the 4th grade class (which she was in) and the rest of the upper grades was really a wonderful realization of your verse.

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          1. Grandie was so cute just standing at the mic just doing just a few hand motions and looking like she was enjoying herself 😀

            I had to look up the lyrics to enjoy the song more. Really quite fun indeed.

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