Beetroot red cheeks

Now very gently put the color on your cheeks while smiling, don’t overdo it, as you want a look that’s natural, not that of a girl blushing furiously due to embarrassment”!

Maria paused the tutorial and attempted the slightly flushed look the expert had achieved, but in her zeal to get a professional look, she used too much of the blush and her cheeks looked as if she was acting in a Victorian-era drama with vivid beetroot circles on both cheeks.

Her friend broke into peals of laughter when she saw the result, but Maria was a tough girl, she dabbed a bit of makeup remover on a sponge and wiped off the failed experiment.

Now I know how not to do it”, she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Maria persisted in her efforts to learn the fine art of makeup and in a few months she was offering her services to friends and family.

The next step was to start her own makeup studio, and she never looked back after that!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Flush, hosted by Denise



44 thoughts on “Beetroot red cheeks

  1. Haha that’s how you learn makeup. I look back at the pictures from when I first started using makeup and laugh because I looked so silly. But overtime we improve. Good for her for making a business out of it. Great story.

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