What do I like to write?

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What type of writing do you enjoy the most?


I like to write poetry best of all. It comes naturally to me. I don’t mean to say that I’m a very good poet. Far from it, but I find it easy to express myself in fewer words with a poem rather than long winded speeches.

Another thing I like to write is opinion pieces. It’s the same thing as a poem but with more words, more details. In this category, I like to opine about blogging, health-related topics, and life in general. I like to write positive and inspiring posts that people may find helpful.

Sometimes, I write fiction too. It’s usually in response to an image, or a phrase prompt. I’m not very good at writing fiction and it doesn’t comes to me easily; thinking of a plot, creating characters, and making them behave according to the storyline is not an easy task for me.

These are my preferences in writing. What sort of things you like to write?

Thank you Tanya for this very interesting question!

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68 thoughts on “What do I like to write?

      1. I’ve had children stories published in children’s magazines and then there used to be a children’s section in the Los Angeles Times that published my stories. I haven’t had a book published yet.

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  1. Has this always been the case for you, Sadje? I find my writing preference changes a lot with seasons of life, the culture I’m currently exposed to, and challenges I currently face. I used to love prose and personal essay but now poetry feels like the easiest thing for my mind. It’s always fun to meet new versions of my writer self. Do you notice any fluctuation for you, too? Also – what is your favorite to read? (Fiction is my least favorite to write, but after writing so much poetry and prose, all I want to read is fiction).

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    1. I’ve only been writing a bit more than 4 years. And this is the pattern from the beginning of my blogging journey. Maybe things will change with time. One thing v that c I’ve noticed that I’m becoming brave enough to try new poetic forms. That’s the vinyl change that I’ve noticed.
      I love to read cosy mysteries and historical fiction. My all time favorites are Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Dan Brown, Grisham etc etc. my latest discovery is Louise Penny and I’ve read all her books.

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  2. Fiction is my favorite thing to write. I’m no good at poetry (apart from the occasional limerick), and back when I wrote opinion pieces, no one read them. For some inexplicable reason, my opinions fail to fascinate people…. 🙂

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    1. We all have our strengths. People are a bit short on time these days so short posts are more read than long ones. I’m not good at fiction, unless it’s a very short story.

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      1. Thanks I think it comes from meditation … I used to find public speaking like that too. Had an outline of what I wanted to say but once I started it just evolved … I had to ask ppl afterwards what I said.

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  3. Interesting thoughts!
    I enjoy reading your poems and opinions.
    Did I read your story?🤔
    Can’t remember, right now.
    In general, I enjoy reading what you write.
    And ‘writing my comments here’. Lol.😂

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  4. Poetry is my favorite thing to write. Several years ago, I wrote fictional and motivational pieces for LinkedIn.

    I enjoy your writing, Sadje, because it comes from your heart.

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  5. Outstanding post Sadje. For me, it is clear as day that I write about men’s fashion, blogging advice, economical and financial topics and sometimes soccer. I have designed websites and blogs for all of these writings of mine.

    I am more natural and open with men’s fashion and style because I just love to dress up💯💯✊

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  6. I’m like you, I enjoy writing poetry. I also like writing advice columns and deep-dive psychological pieces. I’m not very good at fiction but I would love to be. So far, I only have 1 fiction novella. I used to be bad at responding to prompts but sometimes I can do a prompt if it’s a question or a word that I have to use in a poem. Picture prompts are not my thing, though I enjoy reading your depiction of picture prompts.

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  7. I love the wide variety of options on your blog, Sadje. 💞💞💞 Mine is very eclectic…you pretty much never know what you’re going to get (many times neither do I, lol)!

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