Things look different in the rare-view mirror


Like life, things look different in the rare view mirror

What looks near and overwhelming could be far away

What looks big, threatening can be just a small hiccup in reality

The scene that looks idyllic in hindsight, could be a cesspool of problems


Word count; 44

In response to; dVerse- Quadrille- Mirror, hosted by Merrill



90 thoughts on “Things look different in the rare-view mirror

  1. “a cesspool of problems”

    If someone had warned me about many of my life’s choices in those terms…I probably still wouldn’t have listened.😜

    Lovely writing. We definitely see things through our own “mirrors” sometimes. At least I know I do!

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      1. Yes, many lessons! I was being facetious. I don’t regret my choices. Sometimes I just need to capture negative thoughts and replace them with good ones. It helps me “see” things more clearly.🥸❤️

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  2. A great metaphor and although things look different looking backwards, you do have to watch out for things coming up from behind/the past…

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