Higher Dimensions in life

Respond to this Friday Faithfuls challenge by writing anything about Geometry, Physics, reality, or you can go with whatever else that you think fits


Finding out that life is complex, multi-dimensional

Is that part of growing up that can leave us shaking, bewildered

Unlike common objects that we see are three dimensional

Life has too many angles and far too many different complexities

For us to neatly box it and label it as something we understand

Suffice it to assume that this riddle that we call life

Has higher dimensions that elude our comprehension and

Can take a lifetime to unlock and decipher completely


In response to MLMM- FridayFaithfuls, hosted by Jim



50 thoughts on “Higher Dimensions in life

  1. Nobody ever said that life was going to be easy to understand and maybe trying to figure out what it is all about could actually be fun. This was a very well written piece, thanks for joining in, Sadje.

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  2. So insightful, Sadje 💗
    Although, I might have gone off-topic wondering how would someone understand our multi-dimensional life in all the parallel universes that may or may not exist 😂😅

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  3. When i was younger, i couldn’t wait to an adult, because by then (i thought) i would be able to figure out what really life is…but, oh well..here i am..adult…and yet, i’m still figuring it out..

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