Dream like

neon sign saying it was all a dream

photo by Keller Chewning

I’ve lived so many years on this planet, so many long years that were hard to bear and negotiate but it all now lies in the past.

My memory is strange as I can recall the things that happened more than 50 years ago with clarity but not what happened a week ago.

Perhaps life and the past were all a dream and I will wake up one day to find that I’ve still to live my life, or perhaps I’d wake up to start my new life in another world, a better world!


In response to Three Line Tales, hosted by Sonya



43 thoughts on “Dream like

  1. Memories are fickle things, aren’t they? Some things I wish I could forget…others that would best take their place are gone forever. But….I’m too tired to find out it was a dream and have to do it all again, lol

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