Childhood magic

As children, we scorned our youth

As grown ups we look back with envy

Those days of childhood were precious

Alas we didn’t realize the treasure we had

Now as adults in a rare and precious moment

We get to experience that carefree feeling of

Total freedom

This week’s Image is a woman wearing a straw hat, arms outstretched as she walks down the middle of a road towards a pine forest. The ground on either side of the road is snow-covered and there are several mountain peaks in the distance.

In response to lISb- Childhood, hosted by

Also included; Greg’s 4 line fiction





65 thoughts on “Childhood magic

  1. Very true and lovely share Sadje! I absolutely agree with you.. Sometimes I wish to go back to my childhood and enjoy those carefree days💖Thanks alot for joining in🥰❤

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  2. Maybe this is one reason why spending time with grandchildren is so precious and why they love to play with Grandma/Grandpa….recapturing those innocent moments. 💞💞💞

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