Was that really me?

Flying high above the sunflowers

Frolicking with the moon and the stars

Was that really me, or my naughty avatar?


Breathing in the refreshing cool air

And breathing out the inferno in my heart

Was that really me or the caged beast within?


The moon spoke to me of it’s lonely nights

The stars shared stories of dwindling light

And me, without a care in the world, just smiled


For being an image, artificially generated

Give me the freedom to be really me

But without the restrains of conforming

To the expectations of who and what I should be


In response to RXC # 279, hosted by Reena

Also included;Artificially yours, hosted by Paula



55 thoughts on “Was that really me?

  1. I went to a schoo called The Dragon School so I am an Old Dragon and so naturally I like both this image and your poem Sadje 🐲💚💥

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