Partners in crime

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an attractive blonde standing behind a tall desk smoking a cigarette. She’s looking down at a guy in a suit coat and he’s wearing a fedora on his head. He’s sitting in front of a typewriter and looking up at the blonde.


She searched her apartment frantically trying to find it, but it wasn’t there, his ashes!

It was a mystery that stumped her. Where could she have placed that urn containing the ashes of her beloved husband? And it didn’t just have the ashes in it, the urn also was hiding the diamond necklace that her late husband had stolen before he died.

After turning her apartment upside down, she thought about her next step. She felt that the only logical solution was to approach her former boyfriend, Steven, who had a detective agency.

She made a deliberate effort to dress provocatively and drove to Steven’s office. He was sitting at his desk completing some paperwork. At seeing her there his eyes lit up.

She reluctantly explained her predicament and requested his help. Steven knew her late husband, Richard, quite well and wasn’t surprised to know that he had stolen the famous diamond necklace.

Together they went back to the apartment where Steven went through all the things of her husband, looking for clues. “Look, Diane, it’s clear that Richard had an accomplice and it must be them who stole that urn”.

If you agree to share the proceeds from that necklace with me, fifty- fifty, I will find it for you!”

Diane had no other option but to agree! They shook hands on the deal and became partners in crime.


In response to the following prompts;

FFFC# 218, hosted by Fandango

FSS# 96, hosted by Fandango

Twiglet # 324, hosted by Misky




53 thoughts on “Partners in crime

    1. Haha! Did you see the new queen wearing the ‘Lahor diamond’ necklace in the photos of the coronation. They were thieves too, stealing our wealth, the British!!!


  1. Good for Diane, Steven made a good deal too but becoming partners in crime should not be the best option. He could help her to find the necklace and be nice with his ex…

    This is so beautiful. I like the story, Sadje. Well done ma ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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