How I started my blog!

Blogging Insights

Blogging Insights 3.0 # 8 — Your Backstory


What is your Blogging Backstory? Why and how did you begin blogging?


Dr. Tanya, a very good friend of mine, started her blog in February of 2018. She would send me the links to her posts, and though I could read her posts from the emails, I couldn’t comment on them as I wasn’t logged in on WP. To remedy this situation, I created an account on WordPress and started following her blog.

Initially, I was only following one blog, that of Tanya. Whenever I logged on to WP, it would urge me to write a post! So, I finally started my blog at the urging of Tanya, and at the prompting of WordPress.

In the beginning, I wanted to reach women of my age bracket and share with them my experiences and views, regarding how to look after our mental and physical health. I also wanted to share my medical knowledge about different health issues people over 50/60 years of age face. I also aimed to involve my readers in my efforts for weight reduction, and health improvement.

I published my first post on September 6th, 2018. Gradually I started following many bloggers whose writing impressed and inspired me.

With time my blog grew and I started to write on different topics and for different challenges too. I started a weekly photo prompt, “What do you see” in 2019, October. This has been well received. I also have started another series; Sunday poser, where I ask a question from my readers every week.

As a blogger, I’d describe myself as;

I see myself as a simplifier who wants to state things as they are. And at the same time, I try to be creative too. Writing stories on prompts, photos, and phrases has helped bring out my creativity.

I have learned to be a wordsmith and write stories and poems. I love to highlight my point of view through poetry and storytelling.

I love to share knowledge with others and help others with problems similar to mine.

I am a listener too as I interact with my fellow bloggers by reading their comments and replying to them. Listening is very important in our world. That’s how we get to know others and develop friendships here.

The last bit, is the writer, I think that all of us here in the blogging world are writers.


Why do you blog? And what’s the story of your blog?

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72 thoughts on “How I started my blog!

  1. Thank you Sadje for deciding to write that first post in 2018 and for sticking with it. Over the years, your words of advice, your perspective, poems and stories continue to be truly inspiring. Blessings to you. Happy blogging!

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  2. Amazing Journey Sadje! Even I started to blog as a part of my educational program, but eventually became addicted to being a part of this wonderful family.. To be honest I was inspired by you. Seeing you write such wonderful posts lit a spark inside me.. Thanks a lot for this! Happy blogging🥰💖

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  3. Lovely to read your story Sadje. You certainly seem to have found your home on WP and have gathered a great family around you. If it wasn’t for you and your picture prompts, i probably wouldn’t be thinking so much about creative writing myself. Thanks for your continuing prompts, and the inspiration.

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  4. I have really been enjoying your blog so I’m glad you decided to start blogging when you did. And my story is similar to yours. A friend already had a blog on WordPress and encouraged me to start blogging too.

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    1. Thank God for kind and well meaning friends. Thanks Pooja. At my age, and being an empty nester, this is the best thing that happened to me.


  5. I agree that whenever you look at a blog posts, there’s this feeling that you want to also write one! I have been in hiatus recently and now I am trying to read and read as many blog posts as I can and it just excites me to write again. Thanks for this. I’ll be visiting Tanya’s post and might as well do a post about the prompt. 😁

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  6. That is very similar to my story. I started following one blogger, but couldn’t comment. So I signed up. A few months later, I figured I might as well say something — and I had so many pictures that I wanted to post … and then it just kind of “took off.”

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  7. I at times cringe when I call myself a poet/writer. I don’t do most of the prompts, and I don’t usually read the responses. I’m not sure why, and I’m not saying I’m doing anything wrong… Just many days I can’t! But… today I’m reading some and commenting. I’m glad to have met you here! 💗

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  8. I enjoyed getting to know you better. Your reasons for writing your blog are straightforward and compelling. It’s interesting how so many of us who write personal blogs do so just to share a little bit about ourselves, while listening to others. Not to tell others what to do, just to make connections.


    1. Thanks Ally. Yes, ours is a wonderful community where we lift each other up and listen. I don’t think that any such community exists elsewhere in cyberspace.


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