One Liner- What a mess!!!!

“The people all over the world are amazed at the incompetence of their governments, the insensitivity of their elected representatives and the power-hungry politicians ( in our country, the army is playing a negative role too); When will this end?”


In Pakistan we are facing another crisis and the reason is that the illegal government doesn’t wants to hold elections. This is going too far.

One Liner

In response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



29 thoughts on “One Liner- What a mess!!!!

  1. You’re right, Sadje. I mean, look at the level of injustice and insecurities our states are suffering from. Corrupt government have money stashed away and make almost 70% of the citizens of their country go to bed with empty stomach. They tell the less privileged citizens to pay tax, the same amount with the privileged, which we do every time their hunting dogs come around. We expect them to use these money to make progress and donate to the suffering countries but they won’t. What they’re really doing is exploiting us 🤦‍♂️

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  2. The problem is that they think that, because they’ve been elected, they’re better than the people who elected them. In reality, the people who elected them didn’t vote *for* them so much as they voted *against* their opponents. Rather than seeing their job as a service to their constituents, they see it as being given unlimited power to act in their own best interest, contituents be damned.

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      1. Government does on our behalf what we wouldn’t do, e.g. get into wars and make laws that benefit their friends over the rest of us. It’s at best a necessary evil, but it’s gotten more evil than necessary…

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