dVerse- Posery- Finding our Pack

On this day without a date,
On a back street, dusky

— Charles Simic, from My Friend Someone

Here’s how to take part in the Prosery Prompt:
• Write a piece of flash fiction or other prose up of up to or exactly 144 words, including the given line from the poem.


On this day without a date, on a back street, dusky night was just rolling in to take a hold and swallow the day completely.

Having lost all sense of time, she wandered these back alleys trying to find her lost self, a self that had eluded her grasp for many days now.

She remembered the day the truck had crashed into her makeshift shelter on this very street. It had destroyed whatever worldly possessions she had and had broken into smithereens the life she had painfully constructed piece by piece.

Ma’am”, called a polite voice from behind her, turning she saw a youngish woman with a kind expression on her face, “I’m from the local citizen welfare organization, I’ve seen you here on many occasions and was wondering if we can offer you a place to stay as you don’t seem to have a home?”

Tammy smiled, the mist was clearing.


Word count; 142

In response to; dVerse —posery, hosted this week by Lisa

Also included Six Sentence Story- Truck, hosted by Denise




63 thoughts on “dVerse- Posery- Finding our Pack

  1. Sadje, I was just reading an article on the fb page of the local rescue mission about a woman who had been living here and there for the last 5 years that someone noticed and invited to come in to stay to get her life together again. Thank you for highlighting those society often forgets or doesn’t want to notice ❤

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    1. Thanks Li. It must be a heartwarming story. I wish we do it more often and more people are helped because it is possible to do so. Thanks for this amazing prompt

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      1. Sadje, you’re welcome, and it is. The rescue mission received enough donations to recently build a new center that connects people in need with many available resources. You are very welcome ❤

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  2. I like the personification of night, Sadje in ’dusky night was just rolling in to take a hold and swallow the day completely’, and the brief but effective description of the destruction of your character’s makeshift shelter, which is so tragic. I’m so glad the mist was clearing.

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    1. Yes kindness is something that makes life bearable! I’ve seen so many homeless people, young and old in Seattle, one of the wealthiest cities in US and have seen kindness from people in every form.


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