When we grow

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  • (of a living thing) undergoing natural development by increasing in size and changing physically.
  • becoming greater or increasing in prevalence, popularity, or influence
  • of, relating to, or being the period during which something (such as a plant) grows or matures


Grow up

Grow bigger

Grow taller

Grow in wisdom

Grow in numbers

Just keep on growing as long as you live

We all grow older as time passes, ( that’s if we still live ) but not everyone matures or attains a wiser perspective. Maturity is recognizing that we really cannot/ do not, control everything that happens to us in life. Maturity is the wisdom to accept things as they are because we can’t change them.

In the wise words of Maya Angelou, we need to grow in wisdom as we age. Otherwise, it’s just aging, without harnessing the benefits of growing old. In my personal experience, growing older brings liberation from the shackles of following everyone. It makes us rise above the common opinions, latest trends, and expectations that people have of us.

In response to; WQ #18: May 3: GROWING, hosted by Marsha



52 thoughts on “When we grow

  1. Hi Sadje,
    An interesting point about growing in life is to share a few wise words with eachother. In other words, maintain regular exchange of thoghts and ideas, or just say ‘Hi!’.
    People, nowadays, react awkward. They don’t get the joke properly. They react sharply and quickly, and misinterpret the original text.
    I think this should be changed and replaced with kindness and heartwarming behaviour.

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  2. Even though I agree 100%, I was kind of shocked by the Maya Angelou quote. There was a little more to it. “It’s too … hard.” Growing wise is hard. Admitting we are wrong and taking a different path, taking responsibility for our actions even when they are not well-accepted, helping others when we have to sacrifice. It is hard to grow wise. I love your wise poem and the many comments on your post. Well done, Sadje. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Marsha. Thanks for sharing the full quote. Yes, it’s hard but then anything worth achieving is hard. Thanks for the prompt and your beautiful, encouraging words

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          1. That is the joy of writing. You need to start gathering all your poems into a book, my friend. I’d love to do one, too, if you’d be interested in doing one together.

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