Sunrise Surprise


Nature surprises us

In the morn and eve

The sun rising or dipping

On the sky’s horizon


A field of purple heather

Waving hello in the dawn

Giving us a happy nod

Go ahead and celebrate

It’s going to be a hopeful day

All the nature is conspiring

In our favor, to make it work

Just like this lone tree

A symbol of hope!

This week’s capture shows rows of purple heather filling the bottom half of the images and receding out to the horizon and a single tree that is set against a pale blue and slightly washed-out sky.

In response to; Photo Challenge #462, hosted by Weejars

Also included Greg’s 4 Line Fiction

Also included Twiglet # 323, hosted by Misky





68 thoughts on “Sunrise Surprise

  1. Sunrise and sunset are the most inspiring events in a day of my life.
    Because of the hot and warm summer I sleep during ‘the afternoons’.
    They must be interesting in certain ways.
    Here’s a highlight:
    “All the nature is conspiring
    In our favor, to make it work”.
    I think you have this picked up this line from ‘The Alchemist’ of Paulo Coelho.
    The word ‘conspiring’ or ‘conspiracy’ gets my attention.
    The author has brilliantly used the word.
    And as a curious reader I enjoy reading and reviewing your writing!😁

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