Narcissi- How I love them


II. Brandon’s prompt guidelines

Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers.–Thomas Tusser (c. 1524 – 1580)

  • Now that May has arrived, I’d like you to write a descriptive poem about your favorite flower; 
    • Write about its fragrance (if it has one), its look, and/or how it makes you feel; 
    • It can also be a metaphor for growth, romance, or renewal; 
    • There’s no restriction on form or device.


Delicate beauty

Often underrated

I love it’s fragrance

Takes me back to my childhood

For every year near my birthday

I’d see bouquets of narcissi on the

Flower stands, in hand of vendors

Offering them to passersby cheap

Just one whiff of it’s intoxicating scent

And I’m ready to open my wallet

Narcissi, adorning my living room

For weeks till I’m ready to replace

The old bouquet with a fresh one


In response to W3 # 53, prompted this week by Brandon, and hosted by David



63 thoughts on “Narcissi- How I love them

  1. Hello, Sadje. I’m choosing your poem as Poem of the Week. I love Narcissi and the memory it conjured was perfect.
    The Greek God Narcissus was known for his beauty and fell in love with his own reflection but the vendors you described gave away these flowers cheaply, thinking not so much about themselves. It is a delicate beauty.
    David will contact you about the prompt.
    Thanks for participating!

    Liked by 1 person

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