The view through the window

The photo is from Yi Wei at

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man riding a bicycle in the bike lane in a large city.


He stood there for a long time watching them through the window. His grandchildren were gathered around the dinner table and enjoying the meal. His son and his wife were busy talking, probably about their jobs, and their young family. A fleeting moment of regret gripped his heart and a few tears flowed from his eyes.

With resolve showing in his cobalt blue eyes, he shook those regrets aside and got back on his bicycle, and headed back towards home. The Greyhound bus which he passed him on his way back reminded him of the numerous vacations they had taken as a family when his son was younger. Now the rift between him and his son was unbridgeable. He hadn’t met his daughter-in-law or grandchildren in a long time. The quarrel with his son had caused a blockage of family feelings, resulting in total estrangement.

Mathew wanted to reconcile with his son but he was afraid of rejection from him. Perhaps, he should show courage and ask for forgiveness from his son and his family. After all, he and his late wife were to be blamed for this situation.

He took out a cotton hanky and wiped his eyes. Perhaps he will visit them again tomorrow and this time he will knock on the door and give the children the presents he had for them in his backpack.


fleeting | cotton | greyhound | cobalt | blockage

In response to FFFC # 217, hosted by Fandango

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53 thoughts on “The view through the window

  1. Quite touching story Sadje! Hope he gathers enough courage to do so because I am sure his son and his family will forgive him.. And yeah great use of words too!! The way you created a beautiful story out of it is amazing🥰❤

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  2. Oh gosh Sadje, what an emotional story and endearing response to this prompt. While we see this grandfather stand afar, yet so close, his apprehension gives him the courage to try again and connect with his grandchildren, despite past shaky relations with his son. 🤗💖🥰

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      1. Oh girl, sadly I see evidence of this nowadays more than ever. I agree with you that fear of rejection is a common denominator when trying to mend broken relationships. May you have a wonderful and exciting day! 🌞💖😍

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  3. I really enjoyed reading the story that you created, Sadje. It is so sad when things don’t work out in families and they drift apart, but maybe the grandfather can fix this while he still has time left.

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      1. My husband decades ago asked me to reconcile with my father. I did after many horrendous things I’d rather not share. Long story short, I’m not sure that I wasn’t right in the first place.

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