Biding time

May 1, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about high water. Hell can be involved, or not. Is high water a new drink? A crisis in nature or the basement? Get in the flow. Go where the prompt leads!


Lying on its side the small fishing boat is biding time. When the tide come in and it’s high water, the waves will lift her, right her, and make her ready to sail again.

Till then it quietly tolerates the jibes and taunts of bigger boats, the yachts, and the sailboats who strut through the sea waves and look disdainful at her.

When she is in the sea, rowed by the strong arms of her master, there is no one to touch her in dexterity or the amount of fish she brings in. She’s the ‘Sea Queen’ after all!


Word count; 99

In response to:99 Word Story- High water, hosted by Charli Mills



30 thoughts on “Biding time

  1. Love the Sea Queen’s attitude! Just wait until one of those laughing yachts gets beached and only she can navigate the shallow waters to save them! We’ll see who laughs then…..

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