Is outer space our final challenge?

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I always loved the intro of ‘Star Trek’

Space the final frontier……

Space as in outer space can be our final frontier but before tackling it, we do need to look inwards. How do we plan to exist on this planet when we are adamant about destroying our living space here?

It’s very admirable to try to discover and solve the mysteries of the universe, but it’s foolish to ignore the problems at hand. We are allocating massive budgets to research academic subjects but are ignoring the real problems that might very well make life difficult or even impossible on Earth in the coming years.

In practical terms, I’d equate our expenditure on this research to that of a family who is starving and living in a house that’s falling apart but is planning to take a luxury cruise. I may sound like a spoilsport or one of limited ambition or thinking, but isn’t it more practical to address the problem on this planet before we go out to solve the mysteries of the universe?


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47 thoughts on “Is outer space our final challenge?

  1. I agree with this completely. The sheer amount of money allocated for research that is not currently benefiting the many in need, especially these days, is mindboggling. If things were more stable I might be more understanding but as it is.. it’s just irresponsible.

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    1. Yes in current circumstances, it’s a sheer waste. If we use that money to improve the conditions at home, we wouldn’t need to venture into outer space looking for a new home. Thanks

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  2. Most people feel that taking care of the Earth is not their problem and they just want somebody else to handle that, but if everyone develops that attitude, nothing will ever get done. Taking care of the Earth should be everyone’s problem.

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  3. Girl Sadje, I couldn’t agree with you more. While I love the idea of exploring the universe, we need to take care of what we have before destroying outer space. 🛸🌎🪐🌌🚀 Excellent thoughts. 😊

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  4. I would not cut our space budget to zero, but agree we should reduce the amount we are spending now. We gain a lot of useful knowledge from our space program. We should keep it going. All the problems on will never be solved.

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  5. I remember the animated film, Wall-E, which is a favourite of mine. Humans just up and left the Earth and kept traveling outer space instead of trying to clean and heal it. That might be the future of humankind if we keep going the way we are going right now.

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  6. And this is exactly the reason, all of the space exploration done by us is still fiction because those who can make the real change in the while world are just plainly ignorant towards the harsh reality of the world.
    Space could be the final frontier but the very first step to reach that final frontier needs to be taken on this Earth.

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    1. Yes indeed. And the worst thing that needs to be addressed is the hunger issue for billions. When we have fed all those people, we can spend money on exploration of space

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