Important things in life- Kindness, mischief and singing

Tranquil Thursday

Today’s questions are simple and straightforward.

Do you often extend kindness to others? When was the last time a kindness was extended to you?

I try to be kind to people around me by helping them, giving good advice when asked (?) and being generous with both words and money when needed.

Reciprocally, people are mostly kind to me too. Especially my family and friends. The people/ friends I interact with on WP are very generous with their encouraging words toward me. I think that kindness, has a multiplier effect and always comes back to us, manyfolds.

What was the last mischievous thing you did?

I have my 13-year-old grandson living with us so I try to prank him. He doesn’t understand Urdu, our native tongue, much so I’d talk to him in Urdu and say things that if he understood would amuse him. Sometimes he gets the joke!

How often do you sing with just your voice? No radio, no music, no accompanying voices?

I sing songs to my youngest granddaughter when she wouldn’t settle. And though everyone agrees that I’m not much of a singer, she quieten down and would even go to sleep, that’s if she isn’t hungry!

In response to Tranquil Thursday # 12, hosted by Maggie



46 thoughts on “Important things in life- Kindness, mischief and singing

  1. I get such joy from extending kindness, most recently my co-worker and I surprised our boss by putting together her new desk. I’ve been the recipient of many kindnesses lately….too many to list.

    I can’t think of any mischievous moments lately….I must be innocent! 😉

    I hum/sing ALL the time. My co-workers can find me in the store by listening for the hum. I do it unconsciously most of the time….and have been known to break into random songs without warning. Some are from years before my time, and I have no idea what makes them decide they need to be sung at any given moment.

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    1. This is so lovely Dawn. Kindness is a reward in itself but when it’s reciprocated, it’s priceless. Singing spontaneously is awesome. It does make the heart feel light.

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