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Art is the expression of the thoughts

The artist paints what they want us to see

The observer sees not what the artist wants

But what their mind perceives in that work

Abstract or realistic, art is what we make of it!

Every image, every sculpture, and every photograph

When presented to any viewer to view, access, and evaluate

Invokes a set of feelings, emotions quite distinct in each individual

The definition of art is what and how it’s projected

Beauty and its meaning always lie in the eyes of the beholder

Abstraction is the expression of the spirit

Breaking the rules set by the orthodox

Going free and wild to express feelings

An explosion of colors, speaking to the soul


Art made by my grandchildren

The art displayed above is not abstract art but every grandma would love to share the art made by her grandkids.

In response to; WQ #17: “Abstract, Really? Interesting”, hosted by Marsha



72 thoughts on “Art

  1. I love to hear how people interpret any kind of art, since there become as many different interpretations as interpreters.🙃 I love when people ascribe meaning to my writing that I never thought to intend. I love your grandchildren’s art. What blessings.🥰

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    1. No I just have a photo of his drawing. I don’t know if he has the original or was it left behind when they moved to Pakistan. It was a happy emoji 🤣😂

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  2. Love the quotes on art that you chose and shared with us Sadje as well as the accompanying verses expanding on the meaning of the concept of art. Thought provoking and uplifting! 🤔🤔🤗😁😁👏👏

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  3. Sadje, your poems hit the truth right on. Your 8-year-old grandson is so talented. I have to laugh at the humor of an 8-year-old boy. The poop emoji says it all! Love this post.

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    1. Thanks my friend. He drew these when he was 8, now at 13, his interest in art is waning but we encourage him to keep on doing it. He has a lot of talent. Thanks for the prompt

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      1. He does have. Kids are so funny. They sometimes have an amazing talent and don’t pursue it. My brother was like that with music. He could carry a tune at age 1.5. He never did anything with it. Same with track. He’s a horrible artist – though funny, drew hundreds of comic strips as a kid and he still does it. What’s up with that? i wish your grandson the best and hope that he realizes what a gift he has.

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  4. I enjoyed your verses, quotes and shared art. I enjoyed helping my grands make books. They drew and I asked them about the images and wrote some words for them. I hope they still have them somewhere… I have some ‘art’ from my own children. A clear case of needing to pick a few, take some photos and relish the present. 🙂

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    1. Many thanks my friend. We also have art from my grandson’s very early days. I was thinking of handing it to his mom. Taking pictures before putting them in storage is a good idea.

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      1. I have a large image that my one son made but really the only thing I want to keep is the ‘boy’ he drew… even as a stick figure… you know the image is a ‘boy’ 😉 I think he was between 2-3 a the time.

        On our to do list… images of our children and grands art 😉

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  5. I love how each piece of art (in any medium) is viewed so differently through the lens of our own life and experiences. 💞💞💞 Your grandson has some amazing talent, even if he steps away from it for a while, I hope he comes back to it…he really is good! 💞

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  6. Cityscape is exceptional for 8 years old. other sketches are also good. He can express himself well and that will help in the long run. Your poem and quotes are brilliant.

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