A to Z Challenge- Questions- Z

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How to harness the ZEAL for living, constructively?

Look at children and their zest and joy for life

We seldom retain this fervor for living fully as we age

Our attitude lacks the passion that young people have

We become jaded and complacent as we grow older

How to invigorate life and rekindle the zeal for it?

If you want to do so, follow these simple steps;

Take each new day as a wonderful opportunity

To start the journey anew, to set new goals and to do good

To welcome every change with the mindset that’s it’s a chance

A chance to experience something new, that we haven’t done before

To find pleasure and joy in small ways and happenings

And last but the most important; don’t borrow worries from tomorrow

Let the troubles of future find you in future

For today, enjoy the moments of pleasure gifted to you fully!





32 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions- Z

  1. Wonderful advice to enjoy the small pleasure of the moment. I love your advice “not borrow tomorrow’s worries “…brilliant!
    Wonderful sharing.
    Congratulations on completing the April A -Z challenge…what a lot of work! Thank you!!!

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