Just a finger


I know it’s cold

But don’t expect much from me

I only have a glove to spare for you

Perhaps a branch of yours can wear a finger

The rest of you would have to imagine yourself

Being as warmly clad as that skinny branch of yours


In response to: CCC # 233, hosted by Crispina Kemp



47 thoughts on “Just a finger

  1. Perhaps the tree must have responded to your generosity like this – “Oh, wow, thank you, Sadje, so much for sparing a glove for me. Because clearly, that’s all I need to survive the freezing temperatures and snowstorms that come my way. Who needs roots, water, and sunlight when you have a good ol’ glove, am I right? And don’t even get me started on communication – I mean, who needs leaves, branches, and roots to exchange vital nutrients and gases when you have a human to talk to? Keep up the good work of respecting the natural world by leaving a glove on my branches – I’m sure it’s making a real difference in the fight against deforestation and climate change.”

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  2. Cute. Reminds me of the organizations that put out scarves, mittens and hats for those who don’t have any…usually in the city. I’ve donated some to that as well as to the ‘Giving Tree’ during the holidays at the Library.

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          1. I have a bunch of socks with holes… I was thinking of cutting off the heels and sewing (by machine) the rectangles that are left to make shelter ‘towels’. We’ll see…. Maybe after the tree is cleaned up.

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