Something ordinary from something extraordinary

I’ve chosen these three words from Reena’s list;


Adjective: hating endings; someone who prolongs saying goodbye for as long as possible.


Adjective: to do something with soul, passion, or love. 


Verb: to turn into a star. 


The need to stellify a loved one is strong

Put them on a pedestal and bow down in submission

Would you gain Meraki in that, I ask?

Will this act of devotion satisfy their needs

You are a finifugal but there is always an ending

Let the love you feel, saturate the soul

With your unfailing dedication let them know

They can be human, fallible, full of flaws

And you will still love them warts and all

A sense of empowerment comes from knowing

That they are loved for who they are

And not for who you wish they were!


In response to; RXC # 278, hosted by Reena



55 thoughts on “Something ordinary from something extraordinary

  1. True love lies in embracing the imperfections of the beloved and accepting them as they are. Stellifying someone may seem like a grand gesture, but loving them for their flaws and being their unwavering support through the ups and downs is the true Meraki of love. You’ve expressed your thoughts eloquently and with great insight. 👍👏👌😊🙏

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  2. Holy wow, Sadje, that had to be difficult! Expertly done…and I especially love this line….”And you will still love them warts and all” 💞💞💞

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