Need to downsize

Clutter may rob us of the life we imagined or prevent us from creating a new vision for our future.”― Lisa J. Shultz.

This week the Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is the word Downsize.


Having lived more than half my life

The need to downsize is felt like an irresistible itch

Too many things stuffed in the closets

Too many knick-knacks adorning the tables

Where will I wear all these shoes and clothes?

To whom will I show all these lovely collectibles?

Time to give away or even sell things I don’t need

Lighten the load of possessions is what I want

And while I am at it I might just as well

Unencumbered all that is weighing down my heart

Get rid of all the useless grudges and resentments

Wash away the bad feelings and memories

Be light as a feather with only good reminders

Of a life lived well with full fervor and joy


In response to; Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Downsize, hosted by Sue W and GC



80 thoughts on “Need to downsize

  1. Oh Sadje, how empowering and what a revelation:

    …Unencumbered all that is weighing down my heart
    Get rid of all the useless grudges and resentments…

    This is truly a testament to downsizing, and getting rid of the stuff we really don’t need to be holding on to! Thanks for sharing! 🤗💞😊

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  2. Often the stuff around us is hiding what is inside us. Sometimes the clutter around us needs to be disposed of so we can see the inside clearly. Not an easy task but well worth the effort.

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  3. Beautiful ideas all of them Sadje. Very wise to unburden soul and heart… perhaps the most fulfilling declutter yet.
    I enjoyed how your poem took me from one level of de-cluttering and then moved to higher trains of thought. Marvelous!!

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    1. Thanks my friend. Yes it’s both material and emotional burden that we need to shed. First one just needs strict discipline, for the other one we need to have clarity of thoughts and generosity of spirit

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    1. I’ve downloaded a lot of stuff on olx! I don’t know if you have it there in the US. People come and take things away and pay for it too.


  4. The last five lines say more about humanity than all the things that have every been created.

    Stuff can give us emotional comfort. But… we can also give others joy by gifting the excess we have.
    I’ve found a day care that can use some of the things I think are good for young children that would otherwise just be trashed. But that still doesn’t account for the stuff I have yet to go through that once gave me joy… and perhaps should be trashed.

    I have read that taking photos of things that have meaning before gifting or selling them… can help with the ‘departure’ of them 🙂

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    1. That’s a good idea to keep photos of the things you give away. Over here there’s a lot of poverty so people would take things if you offer them. I seldom have any difficulty giving away. In America I remember, times were quite different.

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      1. There are many places of poverty here too. Many shelters… but some homeless become distrustful of help. And each state seems to have different rules. We can only do what we can.

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          1. Perhaps not quite allong the same lines… but
            I dropped off a bag of goodies to a local day care yesterday. Some of the things I could just toss are getting a second life.

            Yes, we do what we can. And thank those who do more. I remember helping to build some parks… through Habitat for Humanity or other groups. All effort of volunteers was good. Even just those who could rake the the ground cover to those who actually did some building of the play units. 🙂


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