Why do A to Z challenge?

Blogging Insights

In today’s Blogging Insights post Tanya asks questions regarding A to Z challenge;


1. Are you participating in this year’s A to Z Challenge? If not, have you participated in the past?

This is my fourth year participating in A to Z challenge held every year in April. It is such a fun challenge to do and when you’ve selected your theme, you can write and schedule your posts ahead of time.

2. What do you enjoy about this Challenge in particular, and what do you think about blogging challenges in general?

I really enjoy doing this challenge as it often takes me to topics and subjects that I haven’t explored yet in my writing.

I also enjoy reading the posts from people I follow on their chosen topics. It’s an overall an enjoyable experience with the opportunity to learn a lot too.

When I started my blog, I had no idea about the different prompts and challenges that were hosted by many people in WordPress. Gradually I became aware of them and started participating in them. Though many people have stopped blogging altogether or have stopped hosting their challenges, many new bloggers have taken up the baton and at times it’s hard to choose which ones to do and which ones to drop. I’ve made a rule for myself that I won’t be posting more than three posts a day so I have to choose between different prompts.

I am very grateful to all the people who host different challenges and prompts. They all provide a direction for our thoughts and an inspiration to write.


In response to Blogging Insights- 3.0 # 7, hosted by Tanya



27 thoughts on “Why do A to Z challenge?

    1. I do some prompts routinely. Others I have to select from on weekly basis. I’d love to do them all but I don’t want to post too many times. Besides some words, phrases or photos invoke instant response while for others I have to wait and see.

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      1. I’d love to be able to join with more prompts, but real life and work get in the way too often. So, I wait until that instant response you mentioned grabs me and join in then. Maybe someday I can do more 💞

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  1. 3 posts a day is definitely a lot so well done for doing that. I’m playing catch up now the A-Z challenge is finished and finally getting around to visiting other blogs.

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