Sharing all about gifts

Answering some questions about gifts from our gracious host Di;

Share Your World

1. What was the most memorable gift you gave someone?

I can’t really think of any gift that I gave to someone that they’d remember always. Perhaps my unconditional love for my family could be called a memorable gift.

2. What was the most memorable gift you received?

If you ask me what I had for dinner yesterday, I’d find it hard to recall. So how can I say which was the best material and memorable gift I’ve received in my almost 62 years!

There are gifts given to me by God that I am eternally thankful for;

My faith

My optimism

My loving and generous husband

My children and grandchildren

3. For the girls:
Would you be suspicious if your partner gave you flowers or chocolates for no reason?

Since I trust my husband implicitly, I would just gladly accept the gifts and enjoy them.

4. Have you accepted a gift with pleasure, even if you hated it?

I haven’t hated any gift that I’ve gotten. But some I liked less than others. But any gift given with love is received with love too. Though if a close friend gives me something personal and I don’t think it’s my style, I’d get it exchanged with their permission.


Thanks, Di for this beautiful meme. I fully agree with this and the sentiment behind it. Being gracious is so important when giving and receiving gifts.

A view from our sitting room window

In response to Di’s Share Your World



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