dVerse- Poetics- Let music speak

I choose these two lines from the list;

Sunny April Afternoon

Fruitloop Daydream



Absorbed in the magic of the sunny April afternoon

Was rudely awoken from my fruitloop daydreams

By the jarring note of discordant twittering

Birds instead of singing sweet spring melodies

Were in a war over the territory and birdseeds


I ask…..

Can’t you serenade me with sweet birdsongs

Why like humans you choose to go to war

Come now my little feathered friends, let’s forget the worldly woes

And sing together to celebrate the spring and it’s magic!


Written for: dVerse poetics, hosted this week by Punam



54 thoughts on “dVerse- Poetics- Let music speak

  1. Birds do have their differences from time to time! I see them fighting over nesting spaces. On the Earth Day walk we took a path by a lake and Canadian geese were pitching a fit over a nesting area.

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