A to Z Challenge- Questions- V and One Liner Wednesday

One Liner

Found this very interesting image on Pinterest;

Do you have a bucket list?

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

What VALUE do you put on your time and effort?

I often apologize for taking up the time of others

When they stop by to sort out a problem that’s bothering me

But I never grudge spending my time or effort to help others

It gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction to be of use to others

Do I think I am doing them a favor when I stop my activities and lend a hand?

I don’t really feel that I’m doing something extraordinary


Should I also expect them to value the time I spend

In sorting out their problems and running errands for them

Should I put more value and importance on what I do?


Also in response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday




30 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions- V and One Liner Wednesday

  1. As I often say, the value you place on what you do is most important. You spread ‘seeds’ of goodness with your generosity and only some will grow. You have no influence on which ones are appreciated. ❤

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  2. Interesting questions Sadje. I agree we should value our time and hope that others value/appreciate the time we spend for them. But, a bit like gang said, everyone’s time is precious. And it can hurt if we feel our efforts are taken for granted and even expected.

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  3. I do the same…apologize for needing someone else’s help. I’m trying to do less apologizing and to be more open to asking for help after getting this message that floored me. “Why do you deprive others the opportunity to be a blessing? You get such joy from being the helper, why would you want to take that away from them?” Its still a struggle for me to accept help, but I try to remember this.

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  4. A goal or two might be good. But I don’t want a bucket list, just to be disappointed if I don’t get to something on it.

    I always like to try and help others. Sometimes just a small thing like taking an empty grocery cart from the parking lot back to the store for someone who seems to have their hands full. Opening and holding doors open. Even just smiling.

    I do not think it takes anything away from a person for being polite and nice. It is hard though sometimes to accept help. But we need to remember that if we can give help, that getting help can be a gift to someone else.

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  5. Time is in short supply and it is very valuable. I certainly hope they value your time and efforts. I value the time and effort you put forth on not only your blog but reading and commenting on mine as well. You and your time are important!

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