A to Z Challenge- Questions- U- No consequences

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Why is it easy to UNBURDEN to a stranger?

It’s not only me but I’ve heard this from others too, that telling a passing stranger your story is easier.

Perhaps the fact that they don’t know us and we don’t know them makes the confidence sharing easier as there won’t be any unwanted consequences of this unburdening.

It’s not likely that they’d know the people or issues we are talking about and the story we shared wouldn’t get back to those concerned people and there would be no ugly distortion of our story in retelling.

So if a random stranger at a bus stop, or a doctor’s waiting room starts to tell you their life story or problems, we should listen and pay attention to their tales, perhaps that one sharing is all they need to put things in perspective and work out their issues.

Similarly, if you meet somebody sympathetic, you too can share what’s bothering you with them, secure in the knowledge that they won’t rat you out and it can bring clarity about your issues.


Has it ever happened to you?

Also in response to; Six Sentence Story- Consequences, hosted by Denise




51 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions- U- No consequences

  1. I have mixed feelings on this one Sadje. Following the six degrees of separation idea, I’d be wary of assuming something will never get back to X. My mother offloaded frequently, oversharing with everyone and anyone … years later, turns out one of those strangers would be my mother-in-law. I think I’m also wary and selective about what and how much I share

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  2. Both my Mom and I swore we had a flashing neon sign on our forehead that beacons people to share their life story with us. We couldn’t go shopping without one of us getting stopped by a stranger who shared something with us….sometimes it’s something that would have been better off shared with their doctor, or their priest! 💞

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