Inspiring garden


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Flowers from my garden!

When we put a seed in the ground

We, in fact, plant hope for our tomorrow

A fruit tree takes years to grow, bear fruit

Yet we plant it with the hope of someday enjoying it

A mighty oak takes more years than one lifetime to grow

We bury acorn in soil so that someone else may sit in its shade

A garden

A refuge

A safe haven

Calming and relaxing

Nurturing the nurturer

So many life lessons

We learn from nature

Important and momentous

Educative and enriching

Let nature be your guide

Let it’s gentle ways teach you how to live!


In response to; WQ #16: How Does YOUR Garden Grow?, hosted by Marsha



66 thoughts on “Inspiring garden

  1. I loved your flowers and plants. Will you be able to eat your mangoes? I hope they are beautifully juicy and sweet.

    Nature certainly is a healer, we need to take time to enjoy it

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    1. Thanks Brenda. The mangoes are on a roadside tree. It is not the kind that will grow and ripen on the tree. Most will fall off when very small and the others will be taken away by people walking on the roads.

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  2. Gorgeous flowers. Such a beautiful poem and love the thought of this “We bury acorn in soil so that someone else may sit in its shade”

    with that said, I could use a few less trees (oaks to care for) but I hope they didn’t hear me since i don’t want to loose any. Especially since they could fall on my roof.. oh my! 💞

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  3. Sadje, your yellow rose, and the Clerodendrum are especially thrilling. Your poems are calming and nurturing. I love the “nurturing the nurturer” idea. We had so many oak trees in our neighborhood in CA that were at least 150 years old. They are protected in Visalia. It is super sad when the wind blows one of these gentle giants over. Sometimes nature is not so gentle! 🙂

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  4. Your one unnamed plant looks like a succulant… I’ve seen it but I can’t name it either.

    We’ve had some more rain today to help the garden grow… another rainbow at around 5pm! 🙂

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