A to Z Challenge- Questions-R

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How to RESOLVE a tiff?

Keep quiet let bygones be bygones 

Or sit together, and hash it all out

Sometimes one strategy works well

And at times other is the best way forward

At times you are left floundering, wondering

What’s the secret to maintaining amicable relationships 

With people who are super sensitive and non-forgiving?


Do you have family members or friends who are easily offended? How do you deal with them?



53 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions-R

  1. Families are funny entities and despite our best endeavours and wishes for harmony, it’s not always possible. Sometimes issues, real or perceived, can’t be resolved and breaking ties and keeping distance is necessary. Particularly of you’re dealing with toxic personalities

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    1. I know and it is hard going when people closest to us can be super sensitive and easily offended. I was just reading a book where the author suggests not giving these relationships too much importance as it can break us from inside.

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  2. When young, there is always an ego problem ‘ Who will bend first?’ but age makes you mellow down. You understand the meaning of ‘resolve everything in time before it becomes a major tiff.’

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  3. The response is different with every personality and every combination. Some people have a knack for adapting to the style of the person they are communicating with….others are more like a bulldozer. 💞 💞 💞

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  4. With my depression I tend to be the one touchy, but I am also the one to reach out and try to patch things over. Although my daughter can get impatient at times. You have to be able to read a person to hopefully know how they will react.

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    1. That’s a people’s skill that some have while others don’t. I, sadly lack it most of the time. And I do offend people unintentionally. Thanks for your input Leigha.

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