Spellbinding serenity

For the visually impaired the image is a sunset under blue skies. There is a body of water lightly ruffled with waves. The colors are a blend of soft lavender, pink, peach, aqua, and blue. There are two pink Flamingos in the foreground and their necks form a heart.


In the busyness of life

The heart searches for serenity

Peacefulness of early dawn

The magical moments of gloaming

Twinkling of stars late in the night

Just few precious minutes to recenter

Scattered thoughts going haywire

A few blissful moments to regroup

A much needed tonic, a boost to the soul

To face another day filled with demands of life


Written in response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Serene– April 18, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



56 thoughts on “Spellbinding serenity

  1. At the end of my EnerChi (modified Tai Chi) class – we go back to where we start – deep breaths in and out. With a reminder that one can do ten of these breaths, 5 or even three to help settle and bring calm.

    I think reading nice verse is calming too! 💖

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