Revolution around the sun

Let’s start a revolution with our quadrilles! Just be sure your 44-word poem contains some form of the word revolution.

Here’s how to Quadrille:

– Write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word revolution.


Another revolution completed around the sun

Another year has passed in my lifetime

What goal have I achieved, which remains unfulfilled

Looking back I feels as if nothing

Of much importance has happened

Perhaps this year will be different

Perhaps this year will matter


Word count; 44

In response to dVerse Quadrille # 174- Revolution, hosted by Kim this week



68 thoughts on “Revolution around the sun

  1. A lot has happened, many triumphs encountered and courage well spent on what or those that matter. Sometimes, great things are so seemingly small that their importance in the grand scheme of things…but progress still.the same.

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  2. Really! Sometimes time passes by so quickly that a year feels like a day.. It seems as if nothing has been achieved.. But my friend alot would have happened and achieved. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead🥰💖❤

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  3. It is something I’ve been pondering more lately. I think for so long we have associated a full, productive day with work, goals, accomplishments and basically exhaustion. Who sets these measurements of life? Maybe its just as important and meaningful to sit in nature, read a good book, write a poem , hug a friend.

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  4. All years, some slower than others are good years especially if you are able to learn something from them. Just because we age out or semi, or fully retire only means we can take our time to look at what is around us. 364 days of the year are un-birthdays or 365 days a year are a new birth day for our world. 🙂

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  5. I believe every year there are little things we do that don’t seem important to us, but to someone we have left an impact in there life, year, day… your years do matter whether you can see it or not.

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