Tranquil Thursday- # 10- Entering the fray

Tranquil Thursday

This week Maggie asks;

Can we experience tranquility if our mind is experiencing unrest? Today I pose a few questions about conflict and how we stay centered and recover from the uneasy times.

Do you love to argue your point or do you choose to avoid debate?

When I was younger and more foolhardy, I’d argue my point of view, especially with family and friends. Now I’ve learned to just state my opinion and then let it be.

I feel some conflict is unavoidable. What do you think?

Yes, that’s true. At times we NEED to stand up for our opinions/ the truth. As they say, truth is hurt more by the good people staying silent ( or something to that effect)

Are you outspoken on the state of the world? Does dialogue help or hurt?

If I’m discussing the political situation with like-minded people, I’m outspoken and direct. Does dialogue within the family and friends help? Not to solve the political issues but it does give us an opportunity to vent our feelings!

Have you ever known situations when you were compelled to ‘step into the fray’?

Yes if I see injustice being done, I do step into the fray. My husband is always cautioning me against being too foolhardy.

When periods of conflict have subsided, how do you recover, re-center, and return to a place of tranquility?

If this conflict has resulted in tension between me and mine, I address that issue first. Then I use the quiet time to recenter myself and bring peace back to my mind.


Thanks Maggie for these thought provoking questions



18 thoughts on “Tranquil Thursday- # 10- Entering the fray

  1. Lovely responses as always, Sadje. Sometimes we need to be assertive in standing up for what is right, as foolhardy as others might think it to be. We must each measure our own willingness to get involved when we feel moved to do so.

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  2. Oh my goodness Sadje, these are definitely some thought-provoking questions between experiencing tranquility and unrest. Love your answers to Maggie’s prompt! How we handle things really makes a difference. 🤗🙏🏼🥰

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  3. I’m with you. I’m fine discussing politics and world events with like-minded people. My dad and I have very different views and I avoid talking politics with him, even when he tries to push my buttons and engage me.

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