Sharing all about me- SYW- 17/4/23

Share Your World

This week’s questions:

1. Do you have a special talent (ie music, art, singing, dress making, pottery etc).

I used to stitch quite well. I could stitch anything once I studied the garment closely. When my daughters were younger I used to stitch most of their clothes and mine too. People would compliment me on my sense of style.

2. What was your best subject at school and was it your favourite?

I loved all science subjects, the best was maths, then chemistry and physics. In math, I was always first in my class till high school.

3. Do you like to cook?

I do if I don’t have to do it regularly. For special occasions, I like to make something new and I love making desserts. But don’t ask me to cook daily. And if I do cook daily, don’t you dare find faults in my cooking!

4. Do you get riled easily?

Only when I am facing unbelievable stupidity! Otherwise, I do try to keep my cool.


April is the month of birthdays. We already have had 2 birthdays, my two grandchildren turned 4 on the 8th and 10th. Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday. The day I became a mom for the first time!

Jasmine plant in full bloom.

Many thanks to Di for hosting SYW and posing interesting questions each week.



52 thoughts on “Sharing all about me- SYW- 17/4/23

    1. Thanks a lot Keith. I don’t believe that you were useless at anything. You’re writing talent is amazing, and the way you create humor is exceptional.


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