A to Z Challenge- Questions-N

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Are you a NOTE-TAKER?

Jotting down ideas for writing

Or making a list of chores to do

Perhaps compiling a shopping list

Sitting in a lecture hall noting down

Practicing the art of writing with paper and pen

The world today is changing, ever-evolving

And we are forgetting the skill of printing words on paper

We are taking notes alright, but they are on devices

Written or spoken so that we’ll remember later

The brilliant idea that we wanted to immortalize

Just for old time’s sake, do write down something every day

With a pencil or a pen to keep up the skill of note-taking!





45 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions-N

  1. you describe me perfectly – all those lists and notes. I had notes in so many places, its taken me a while to figure out how to pull them all together. But at the other end, I despair at trying to get students to write anything, to take notes. I had a class today who have a 2 hour exam next week – they are allowed to take in notes, so I suggested they use today’s class to prepare – to write notes – they were done in 25-30 minutes. 😵‍💫 I’m not looking forward to the marking after next week lol

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  2. Sticky notes are my favorite. I love them. Also, using pen and paper helps me to keep my spelling in order and keep my penmanship intact as well.

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  3. I really should have some paper and pen (or something) near by – but I don’t carry a large purse or pocket book anymore. I think I have a note pad in my car… The other day or middle of the night I did have an idea for my ‘guest’ post… but I didn’t get up to write it down. Though the post turned out just fine.

    I used to write with a fountain pen (to pen pals), I even have a glass ink pen. I still do write out some addresses. I think cursive is a lost art. Though I am surprise my one grand said they were actually still teaching that form in school.

    I make some lists, usually just for groceries. But not really for much else. I don’t use an electronic calendar on my PC or my Phone. We do have a paper one on the fridge that does keep some of our appointments straight though 😉

    Fun read.

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    1. My grandson learned cursive in school in Seattle. They still do write with a pen/pencil in school. I, on the other hand make just list and menus for a family meal. Need to do more writing on paper

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  4. Sticky note pads and lists are my friends! I am always writing something down to not forget it. I even keep a notebook for important phone call notes – who I called, who I spoke to, what day and time and then whatever information I got. Good topic for N.

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