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Being a tour guide in the physical world is a role that I might aspire to but would find it difficult to fulfill. So I’ve chosen quotes regarding being a tour guide to the world of imagination.

There is a world that we live in physically

And then there is a world created in our imagination

Both have their important roles to play in our lives

The physical world, we explore each and every day

The world of imagination is sometimes neglected by us

Explore this realm for it contains treasures unknown, unimagined

I have slipped on the mantle of a writer

I have the goal to show you the sights

Of a world that exists inside the covers

Pages that come alive with excitement and adventure

Together we will go on a journey of discovery

And explore the world of possibilities yet unexplored

Remember the small rectangle card that was the passport

That took you inside a library and gave you access

To thousands of books in dozens of bookshelves

And a kind libertarian always there to help and guide you

Towards the books best suited to your age and interests

With nostalgia I remember the excitement I used to feel

When it was my day to visit the library and to check out books

Every week without fail I got four new books in exchange

For the ones I already had read and experienced the adventures of


Written in response to;WQ #15: Be a Tour Guide, hosted by Marsha



41 thoughts on “A tour guide to the world of stories

  1. I posted the words of Saint Augustine on my Facebook page the first time I went out of my country, the experience was so beautiful that I was compelled to show my friends how the place and people looks like. I have been dreaming of many places, it’s not comparable when I see them in books, I couldn’t imagine how great it’d be to visit the places though.

    Well written Sadje.

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  2. Lovely tour, Sadje, thank you. Through a host of amazing bloggers, I’ve toured places I’ll never see in person and consumed a wealth of knowledge with the bonus of meeting some amazing people as well. The written word, whether on paper or screen, is the best passport there is (I think) to an entire world of experiences. 💞

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