I loved to drive when I was able to do so but I hated parking, for parking a car demanded precision skill which I sadly lacked.

My modus operandi was to go early when the parking lot was almost empty and then to park in a space where both sides were free.

The other, costlier option was to give the keys to the valet parking guy/gal and trust them to look after the vehicle.

The first time I used valet parking, I was a bit apprehensive regarding both the safety of my car and the things that were in the car, but they proved reliable in both aspects.

The only inconvenience was the driving seat was pushed way back to accommodate the valet because not everyone is my height.

The only occasion that I wouldn’t recommend that you get valet parking is when it’s a well-attended party as it takes ages for them to bring up your car.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Valet, hosted by Denise



55 thoughts on “Valet-Parking🤩

  1. so relatable, lol
    when I started driving, I used to do the same except I would park so far and would end up feeling sorry for my elderly in-laws, who would have to walk a distance 🤭I’m glad I’ve gotten better at it now, more so for their sake😂

    Lovely story, Sadje G 🤍

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  2. I have a hidden talent and that is parallel parking. For some unknown reason, I can do it one swoop. I cannot do front in parking without being outside the lines or so far back that the rear of the car sticks out. I enjoyed your thoughts on parking.

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  3. I enjoy the zen of trying to parallel park perfectly but side by side parking in a car park has become more challenging since many people drive wider cars than the marked spaces were intended for.
    Never used valet parking and I would need to have my car valleted first before allowing a stranger to see inside lol

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    1. That’s cool. I don’t attempt any sort of parking unless the lot is empty. Once one has done the valet parking gig, it gets easier to trust them


  4. Valet parking isn’t really an option around my area – that is unless you are staying at a posh hotel or resort. Even when I traveled, we would park in an outer lot at the airport and take the bus to the terminal.

    Now there are cars that will park for you… if you can afford them 😉
    Some cars are even hooked up to the same computers that might run your home security – now that is just too scary! It is bad enough your cell phone keeps track of where you are, (even if you disable it…you don’t really).

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      1. We have some parking garages (like in nearby city) one has to pay for – by the hour (some lots are like that too) -no valet parking. And in the city their are parking meters where you have to put in your licence and pay by credit card (they used to be coin opperated).

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  5. The only place I have ever used valet parking is the local hospital when taking my Dad for some scheduled tests. They stopped doing the service during covid and I am unsure if they have resumed it yet.

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