Technology- An aid or a hindrance?

I decided to go with an image prompt again this week.

An additional push – you are free to use any AI tool to write your piece, though it is not a compulsion. If you are subscribed to Chatgpt, you may use to create anything you want.


As we lean onto technology heavily

Gave up trying to think independently

Reach out for a smart device for help

Even simple sums are considered a chore


Chatbots to answer the hard questions

AI to help with finding definitions

What was once an opportunity to gain knowledge

Discovery has been relegated to the category of a chore


Multiple open tabs on your computer, confusing

Brain at war with the barrage of irrelevant information

What would bring a smile to the face or solace to the mind

Has technology become a crutch or a tool?


From young to old, all are falling a victim

To the ever spreading web of misinformation

To pacify themselves they declare with impunity

Tricking themselves that they are moving with the times


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #276, hosted by Reena

Also in response to; dVerse line messaging, hosted by Saana




73 thoughts on “Technology- An aid or a hindrance?

  1. Hi Sadje,
    Please can you give me your link for the #181 photo prompt, please? The yellow hood? I’ve written a poem in response but cannot find the link to link back to it.
    Many thanks 🙏

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  2. This is nothing but the truth. Since people have started using chat gpt I have never tried it for once, I don’t even like a sight of it.
    I feel like there’s a world masterminds behind those things called technology. We have to advance but really? We’re not advancing biologically or in selfdevelopment. Have you heard that there’s a new tech device, a robot I think. It could function like the “villain” in the movie “Terminator”. Technology isn’t really an hindrance but it’s existence is threatening humans, possibly moving many into extinction.

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  3. Well said! ChatGPT has led to a lot of conversation at the college campus where I work. Both the instructors and the students are doing a lot of questioning and experimenting, wondering what these new AI tools mean for the realm of education. Some are more optimistic than others; I’m hoping we can use it as more of an aid than a crutch, but we shall see.

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  4. You are so right! We are bogged down in the onslaught of technology. All the add-ons they continue to give us only make it harder to use the original technology. Well done with the prompt, Sadje.

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  5. This is incredibly powerful writing, Sadje! I especially like; “What would bring a smile to the face or solace to the mind/Has technology become a crutch or a tool?” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💖💖

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  6. All your verses make great points about the use of AI and the last is particularly true – misinformation was bad enough before AI. It seems that AI cannot distinguish between truth and fiction and often creates more of the latter…
    After April’s A to Z Anarchy (irresistible alliteration) I intend to make my own investigation and assessment of AI, I have seen some amazing graphic work but it is the written words that I need to judge against my own powers of creativity. We bloggers are so unique in our offerings that I don’t want to believe that however good an AI might be at writing say a job application, that it can have the soul of our blogs…

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  7. Technology is definitely both a crutch and a tool. We can’t forget to exercise our brains, but having the tech available to supplement is definitely well worth it! 💞💞💞

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