A to Z Challenge- Questions- L

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Is LIKING a post is enough or should we leave a comment too?

As bloggers, we often engage in this debate; Is it enough to just LIKE a post and not leave a comment?

I believe that if you’ve read a post and have liked it, why not click on the like button? If however, you are on a mission to like as many posts as you can like in a minute or two of a certain blogger, just to capture their attention, it’s not going to bring the desired results.

People have wised up to this ploy. If you want that others should engage with you on your blog, leave meaningful comments on their posts so that they would feel curious enough to check out your blog. At best you can say a little something about your blog in the comments but please don’t post links to your posts instead of comments. Most people, myself included, would just delete these comments.

Sometimes, the paucity of time makes us only able to read and like a post and not leave a comment. And that’s okay. Instead of leaving a meaningless comment, it’s better to just like the post and move on.

What do you think about this question; likes vs comments?




68 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions- L

  1. Like Suzette, I agree with you.

    In comparison to most of the blogs I follow, mine is fairly new and the time put in by others to read and like and comment is highly appreciated.
    Thank you for your always meaningful comments, Sadje G🙏🤍

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  2. I am happy to receive a like. A comment is altogether a higher realm. It makes me giddy as I feel read for real.
    I like likes but not when gone mad as when someone likes 5-10 and more posts consecutively. It is then I know they’re fishing.
    It’s spammy, really.
    Thanks for asking. You are one generous blogger I admire. Thanks, Sadje. Bless you.

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  3. Since I’m new here, I didn’t know about those rules and it’s easier for me to sometimes, for the sake of understanding, link the comment either to my own or someone else’s post (a cup of coffee, is the only link to my site ) otherwise the comment would be understandable only to those who follow mine or someone else’s site!And I wouldn’t be angry if comment is not approved -deleted, that’s everyone’s right. Its similiar if somebody reblog something and give a comment.I’m more bothered by fake comments and likes and they’re always similar, so I don’t participate in them!

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    1. But posting links in comments can end up in spam. The most confusing thing for me is a conversation that’s going on in my comment section among other people. I have to go back read all the conversations. It’s okay to learn from our mistakes. I did that and so does every new blogger because as I said there aren’t any written rules. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


      1. Well, we can always remove it from spam if we don’t think it belongs there, I’ve already done that.My experiences so far have been positive with the discussion, and I still think it’s ok to leave a link to something that will surely clarify things better.

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  4. I sometimes feel a like is enough. I’m not the kind of person to leave comments, because I’m not a talkative person and I don’t want to write anything on someone’s post that’d offend them even though I might have done it unintentionally. I will usually leave a comment if I have something to say, otherwise I’ll just click like because I just genuinely enjoyed his/her post.

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  5. I think I agree with everyone else Sadje. I only like if I’ve actually liked something, not simply to say ‘I was here’. I think sometimes people feel obliged to leave comments all the time but as you said, you want them to be meaningful – to start a conversation. That’s how we develop relationships and how the community was built/is being built. I would always encourage new bloggers to engage by leaving meaningful comments. I agree about the ones promoting their sites or begging for visits. The ones that are confusing me just now are the ones just saying ‘hi’ … are they spam or just new bloggers unsure what to do?

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  6. I use Jetpack to keep track of blog activity from my phone and it doesn’t let you do “Likes” only “Comments” but I would rather leave a comment if I have genuinely liked a post. This year the A to Z Challenge has lead me to follow multiple blogs by certain people who are often pursuing multiple challenges so unless I have Really liked something, I don’t feel bad about neither Liking or Commenting. I certainly comment plenty of times, and whilst I am aware that it builds audience, my comments are truly for their own sake – if someone likes what I have said they can find me through my name link. Since Jetpack doesn’t let you do that either, I have to wait till I am on my computer to do that. If I have written a decent comment and especially if it’s a new post to me, I feel it okay to include a link…

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  7. PS – I particularly wish people would comment fully on the A to Z home page where our noble organisers always ask a question which few answer…

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  8. I agree with you Sadje. Comments on the post increase our curiosity and passion for blogging. Also, we engage with others and help to grow each others blogs. And must to say, you are doing this job marvelously. Your genuine comments on other bloggers posts are always a treat. Nice post Sadje!

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            1. No worries my friend. In the browser, when you view the comments, there is an option of user information. In there, you have the option of blocking the user. Their comment will go to spam directly. I also have gone in my settings to block certain phrases from my comments. That way any comment containing those phrases is automatically removed.


  9. Definitely love the meaningful comments. I don’t follow as many blogs as truly would like to because of time limitations and not being able to keep up reading and responding with all of them. There are times with blogs I follow and love that I don’t have the brain power to form a meaningful and engaging comment even though I loved the piece. In those instances I may just use the ‘like’ button or leave a ‘love this’ style comment. How do you handle the pieces from bloggers you follow that don’t really resonate with you for whatever reason?

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  10. Between too often brain fog and time constraints I don’t always leave a comment. But then again I don’t click the like unless I read and like the post. I definitely agree though with your new bloggers rule – don’t like just for a follow!

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