Completely, decidedly, markedly!

For the visually impaired the image is a heavily wooded dark forest with bright sunbeams peeking through the trees.


I’m quite decided when I reach a decision

The way of action is completely and markedly set

Feeling that I’ve weighed all pros and cons

I proceed ahead with a determined glint in my eye

Oscillating or dithering is not my style at all

Once I believe in taking steps in certain direction

It’s a go ahead with full steam, operating on all engines


Written for ;Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Markedly – April 11, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



55 thoughts on “Completely, decidedly, markedly!

      1. It is. We just ordered the cabinets for our remodeled kitchen. Vince has been back to see the designer at least four times with changes. I think we got it exactly right this time. 🙂

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