A little yellow to brighten my day!

Let’s have fun with yellow. You can write about the colour itself, or just sneak something yellow into your poem. A yellow bucket, a daffodil, an autumn leaf floating in a puddle. Let’s get to the yolk of the egg and the heart of the daisy. Let’s pour custard, let’s sprinkle turmeric, let’s smear mustard! Let’s yellow.

You know what to do:

  • write a poem
  • link to this post in your post
  • link up to Mr Linky
  • read and comment!


Flowers in all colors are a joy to behold

But give me any flower in yellow and you’ve made my day

From the exotic tulip, to a yellow rose perfect in its form

Sunflower, beaming like a mini sun, tall and proud

Snapdragon, pansies, daisies all are beautiful in yellow

And the humble wildly growing dandelions I love all flowers, yellow

A little yellow will brighten my day, bring me joy


Written in response to; dVerse, hosted by Sarah this week



70 thoughts on “A little yellow to brighten my day!

  1. Lovely poem.

    Yes, yellow flowers certainly feel like they bring the sunshine.
    I love tulips, but I can’t help but smile when I see daffodils and sun flowers.

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  2. I should not be allowed out of my pit! This is a lovely prompt and that’s a beautiful poem but in my head my first thought was “hmm yellow bellied= afraid… Or… You turn yellow when your liver fails, maybe I could write something about that…” Zero thoughts of sunshine and happiness went through my mind so I’ll leave this prompt to those with a soul 🙂

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