Writing- Twice the pleasure

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Let’s discuss a quote today. 


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ~ Anaïs Nin


People/ bloggers who journal their life events daily/weekly would definitely fall into this category. It may not all be pleasant reading if they share their emotions too but they will experience that moment as recorded in their journal/ blog, twice!

I’ve shared my personal experiences many times on my blog but my emotions, seldomly. As Tanya pointed out that reading older posts can come as a pleasant surprise as we are gratified that we wrote this!

Reading older writings can also serve as a learning experience. We can identify our faults and mistakes and correct them and perhaps not make those mistakes again. I often reword some of the poems I share again from my archives.

I cannot dispute this quote because it’s true for many who are documenting real-life experiences. For those writing fiction, perhaps like myself, they would take pleasure in crafting a good piece of writing.


Written in response to; Blogging Insights 3.0 # 7 – ‘Tasting Life’, hosted by Tanya



56 thoughts on “Writing- Twice the pleasure

  1. A quick comment that may or may not have anything to do with it… I used to go back and reread old blog posts and so wanted to edit them and make them better! Should the blog be like a story collection showing the best of my works or like a writing diary showing growth? I chose showing growth… I can edit if I use them elsewhere. So, once written, we can taste the experience multiple times 🙂

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  2. Oh Sadje, you speak volumes. In my last book, I wrote about such a revisitation to former compositions. I noted that I cringe at some of the things I wrote, but I am not sorry that I wrote them. They only help me develop better writing skills and renewed ideas. Thanks for sharing! 🥰✍🏼😍

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  3. My experience seems to differ from some of those in earlier comments. I do go back over the years occasionally and sometimes surprise myself with things I wrote back then and wish I still possessed the skills I once had.

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    1. You are right Keith, I do that too. But it’s not we had more skill back then but different skills. You have evolved as you grow as a writer.


        1. That can happen but you’ve such command over words that they always make good sense. You should consider compiling a collection of your poems for publication. 😍😍😍


  4. Very true, Sadje. I put bits or more of my deeper emotions in fiction, than I do in personal shares. Perhaps it’s because I’m afraid to dissect the personal shares too much, especially the happy ones. The fear to taint a “good memory” with hindsight. Perhaps.

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