Finding words

“The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart.”

~ from “Winged Words”, Valsa George


The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart, waiting for the right conditions and proper environment to bloom into a poetic expression. Laughter and joy weren’t the right inducers, perhaps tears and heartbreak would make this seed germinate better.

And that’s how it happened, I became a poet when my broken heart wanted to express the emotions mere prose wasn’t able to express. The unshed tears helped moisturize this dormant tiny grain to grow and gift me words full of feelings and emotions.

My pen wrote verses that moved others besides me too.


Word count; 95

For dVerse Posery- hosted by Mish this week



60 thoughts on “Finding words

    1. Thanks a lot Cindy. Though it’s true that when feeling emotional, we produce the most moving verses, I didn’t start writing poems because I was heartbroken. That was a bit of fiction. ❤️

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    1. Thanks Mish. Yes you’re right it’s when we are feeling sad or experiencing heartbreak that we write poetry that moves others too. A lovely line to write to. Thanks


  1. Heartbreak has given birth to a large number of poets in the modern world. It’s true that our most emotional time is the time when we produce the words or actions that’s borne from inside within us to the outside world. I have loved reading poems since my childhood so the feelings for writing it literally came to me when I encountered my first interest in a girl. I neither dated nor confessed my feelings to her but I asked to write her poems whenever she’s celebrating her birthday. I’ve been writing for her since 2018, the last one I composed for her was in December, 2022.

    This one is beautiful Sadje.


  2. This part gets to me: “unshed tears helped moisturize this dormant tiny grain to grow and gift me words” and poetry is so good for that. There is true healing in the expression ❤

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  3. Inspiration can be fickle. I tease that my muse helps me, but really it is just what is happening that triggers one thought over another. And yes, I do have gobs of teen-angst tear-spilling heart-breaking verse… Getting those thoughts on paper is a type of healing. And allows us to move on to brighter days 🙂

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