Tranquil Thursday- Quietening the mental storm

Maggie’s questions are:

How do you manage stressors that are outside your control?

There’s no doubt that we all feel stress on a daily basis in life. Even when on a holiday, stress can strike unexpectedly. When stressed, I do vent if someone close to me is willing to listen. After that I think about the cause of the said stress and try to find a solution for it. If there’s no solution, or it’s not in my hands, I ask God for help. This gives me a feeling of calm and peace.

How do you tune out the noise of the crowds?

Crowds, unless they are massive, don’t bother me. I don’t dive in them but stay on the fringes. Too much noise can be headache inducing but if I don’t have anything to do there I move away.

What so you do when you do not know what to do?

My one and only go-to in such situations is to meditate, think and ask for help from the Almighty. Never has been an occasion that He has disappointed me. The problem may not be solved, but I get the feeling after praying for help, that I’ve done my best and the rest is in His Hands. The plan of God is different from ours and so are His timings. Whatever happens will be the best thing to happen, though we may not see it for ages.

In response to Tranquil Thursday # 9, hosted by Maggie



30 thoughts on “Tranquil Thursday- Quietening the mental storm

  1. Meditation goes a long way in rehearsing what to be done but I listen to music most of the time to Clear my mind and stop thinking for a while and then I start again by checking what I’m missing. I also like to pray, inform God of my troubles and hope I get them cleared as soon as possible.

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    1. Sometimes it’s hard to believe. But during various phases of my own life, I’ve found this to be true. But we need to believe in a higher power- God if we believe in this ideology.

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