Bridges we cross

Linger a while

Loiter on the bridge

Don’t be in a hurry to go

The other side can wait a while

The bridges we cross can change

The reality of our life in a few short steps

Weigh the pros and cons and then move along

Cross the bridge when you’re good and ready for it!


In response to CCC # 230, hosted by Crispina



45 thoughts on “Bridges we cross

  1. I love loitering on bridges – watching the water or traffic flowing underneath – there’s something relaxing about it. Its also good for a pause before continuing on your way

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  2. There’s something about bridges that make us loiter. We lean over and look at the water or gully below and sometimes stare without a thought. Your poem urges us to be more mindful as we loiter and cross because we could face a different world on the other side. This poem, like so many of yours makes me think, Sadje. 🙂

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