Is chivalry dead?


Gallantry and chivalry are not only needed

On the battlefield or in the pages of a romance

We think these are old-fashioned values

But in reality, we admire people who possess

These outstanding character traits as 

They are usually labeled our heroes


Written in response to; Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Character, hosted by Sue W and GC



35 thoughts on “Is chivalry dead?

  1. I’m not sure that chivalry as we nostalgically remember it, ever actually existed. We like to think so, but history does not support it. It was always nostalgia, even while poets were writing about it. Women were never treated better than men, not even the wealthy and powerful. It’s a charming myth, but I doubt it was ever anything more.

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  2. Some of it comes down to common courtesy. Saying excuse me and thank you, holding a door open for the next person walking in or out, or even sharing a smile and saying hello. I would just be happy to go into a store one day without hearing people swearing in every aisle – even the employees do so.

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