I was busy celebrating

Today is my granddaughter’s 4th birthday and we had a party at our place.

So naturally, it was a busy day. I have replied to the comments on my blog but haven’t had time to read your lovely posts yet. So I’ll address them tomorrow as it’s getting late today.

Another display of my daughter’s talent
Festive decorations made by my daughter
Happy Grandma

Thanks for understanding.



121 thoughts on “I was busy celebrating

  1. You look BEAUTIFUL! Young, too. All those April babies! I’ve had trouble finding anyone “famous” who shares my birthday, but for the first 10 days of April, there are musicians, writers, movie stars, national leaders and all were born between April 5th and 10th. I’ve actually had five major relationships that lasted years — and ALL those men were born between April 6 and 10. And of course, I married Garry whose birthday was yesterday. It is a very fortunate birthdate. Good things happen to the early April babies 😀

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