The amazing Seahorse – April poetry challenge

“Seahorses are calm, patient, and thoughtful. They are able to stay calm in tricky situations and often use their imagination to help solve problems. They are good listeners and encourage productivity whilst working in a group”


Li of MsJadi has asked;

1) Choose any animal and consider its nature and write a poem about the animal;
2) Choose a particular attribute of an animal and write a poem that is about the animal but also an attribute that humans exhibit, similar to some of the above poems;
3) Create your own myth or fable involving animals.


It looks like a tiny house with a tail

People think it’s an equine and not aquatic

But living in ocean, the seahorse has proved them wrong

A thoughtful, gentle, calm and patient creature

The only father to carry it’s offsprings till term

Can teach us humans a lot about dedication

If you’re in a fix ask a seahorse for advice

It has a lot of imagination, would help you solve problems

As possessors of creative thinking, they can get out of tricky situations

A thoughtful listener, you can share your woes with it


In response to: April Poetry Challenge- Oceanic life, hosted by Rebecca

Also included written for; dVerse- poetics- Menagerie, hosted by Lisa




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