Blogging Insights 3.0# 6- No regrets!

Tanya hosts Blogging Insights challenge

Blogging Insights


Do you have any regrets regarding your blog and blogging? What would you like to have done differently when you launched your blog?


Thanks to the help and guidance I got from a very dear friend, who was already blogging on WordPress, the start of my blogging journey was quite smooth. She helped me set up my theme and menus. With her expertise, I was able to have my site up and running in no time.

And here I must give the due credit to this lovely friend of mine, it was no other than Dr. Tanya herself! I entered into the blogging world because of her and for that I’ll always be very grateful.

My writing journey on my blog has been interesting. I made many mistakes like every novice and learned from them. There were many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes till I installed Grammarly. Before that, we had a built-in spell check in the classic editor of WP which they did away with.

Discovering the prompts helped me a lot in blogging. I also was guided by many people on WP regarding my mistakes. A huge thank you to them all.

I don’t have any regrets regarding my blogging journey! In fact I think it all worked out for the best.




35 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 3.0# 6- No regrets!

      1. I think they got rid of it for people who blog on their phones, but I am old school and since I blog on my desktop, I am still able to choose if I want to use the Block editor, or the Classic Editor.

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      2. Sadje, the first, the original Classic editor is still available on the WP Admin dashboard. It remains as speedy and flexible as it always was. It can be accessed with any device.

        I use both blocks and the old Admin classic as the mood takes. I prefer the tiled gallery when using blocks and adding a few images, but for speed and simplicity when editing, the old classic can’t be beaten.

        Microsoft has a blogging template which I love, I use it to write my posts, it connects to my blog and transfers my post as soon as I click publish as a draft. 🙂

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  1. Hi Sadje,

    It seems you and Dr Tanya are two sisters or two close friends on this blogging world.

    I found you and your blog via one of her blog posts where she mentioned you, showing her gratitude.

    Yeah, I too don’t regret regarding blogging.

    Comments of my previous account exists still here.
    I wonder, thinking on the question, “what lead me to start blogging in the WordPress?”.
    Many people left since then, or they’ve stopped updating their blogs.

    I would have followed their path if I haven’t learnt to love reading and writing this much.

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    1. I too have seen many bloggers disappear and blogs going dormant. It’s sad but we don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I knew Tanya since a long time. We are really good friends. Her being on WordPress is what brought me here. Falling in love with reading and writing is the best way to spend free time. I know you’re still studying and perhaps have less time to spare. But this is a wonderful way to connect with people and at the same time improve both our writing and knowledge.

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  2. Apart from switching from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve hardly changed a thing over the past 17 years.

    Whilst I usually come up with a story in minutes, the presentation, ie. titles, graphics etc, can take me all day. I think I may be participating in too many challenges as I struggle to find time to visit and leave comments on the sites of those who kindly follow mine.

    My biggest disappointment is the ever-decreasing number of storytellers. Often, my pieces are like an island of prose in an ocean of poetry, many of which I don’t understand before reading the comments beneath!

    For now, the classic editor and classical music are my daytime companions and long may they remain so!

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    1. I hope that you keep n enjoying things you love. I’m not very good at story telling so I stick to articles and short poems. Nancy and Diana are good Story tellers.

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  3. Magnificent blog post Sadje. To answer the questions , firstly, I have no regrets regarding blogging or my blog because I adore my blog all about helping men dress better and I am happy with the site name “MENS FASHION & STYLE BY MTHOBISI”

    Also, in terms of doing things differently, I have done a bit of conversion or change here and there in my blog such as adding a new category called “Style Education” and adding interesting tags too that tell readers what this blog post is all about🙏

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    1. Thanks my friend for sharing your thoughts. A blog does evolve with time and that’s a good thing that you’re adding new categories to it.


  4. When I first started I really had no idea what I was doing… just wanted to get words out that were stuck in my head. Even though life often drags me away from the site now, I would be lost without it. I love to read the posts and write when I can. I am very glad I found your site and continue to be entertained by you wit and wisdom.

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